Pro Bowl Pack Drops 1/28/22

Gridiron Goons Series 1 Pro Bowl Pack includes five new player cards each with 4 different variants(20 total new uniques).


Each pack contains 5 random cards + a chance to get some bonus Goons 

Gridiron Goons

Football meets NFT in this awesome card set inspired by "Monsters of the Gridiron" on the WAX blockchain

Be a part of the #GoonSquad !

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Part of the fun of NFTs is catching drops and ripping packs open to discover what NFTs are inside. 

Collect Player Card NFTs

There are more than 10 different character cards with different rarity variants. Each character card has the following variants:






Collect the correct NFTs and blend them into another collectible NFT. 

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We love doing this project and enjoy being part of the NFT on WAX community. Below is a quick How To/FAQ. 

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GridironGoons is a Brovember Rain joint.